Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome back to The James Dickey Newsletter

We're delighted to see James Dickey sites beginning to multiply on the Web, and especially pleased that now takes you straight to the newly renewed James Dickey Newsletter. This is a note from its home page:

James Dickey Newsletter, continuously published since its founding in 1984, has been dedicated to the work and biography of James Dickey. Published first at DeKalb College, it moved in 2007 to the University of South Carolina. In 2010, with a move to Lynchburg College, the name was changed to James Dickey Review and emphasis on Dickey discontinued. This new digital James Dickey Newsletter returns to an exclusive concentration on Dickey and his work, resuming the on-going bibliography as well as including relevant Dickey information and articles. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as are submissions for inclusion.