Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Party at Carolyn Kizer's house, Georgetown, Washington D.C., Circa 1967

Photos courtesy Jill Bullitt

Pulitzer-prize winning poet Carolyn Kizer was also a great Washington hostess in the 1960s. In the top photogaphs, George Plimpton descends on the piano where Carolyn is playing. Her son, then known as "Scott" Bullitt, looks on. In the bottom photograph are then-Poetry Consultant James Dickey, George Plimpton, the back of Sen. William Fulbright's head (we think), Jill Bullitt, behind her Christopher Dickey, Scott Bullitt, and I'm not sure who that is on the far right.

If memory serves, this was the night my father got so drunk that, without a license and almost no experience behind the wheel, I had to drive him in his 427 Corvette out to Leesburg, an incident I wrote about at some length in "Summer of Deliverance."

-- Christopher Dickey


  1. hi chris. long time. really long time.

    near the close of the evening, george selected the youngest and prettiest woman at the party (jill excepted, on both counts), picked her up, causing her to shriek with laughter, and carried her upstairs to mom's bedroom. we sat around and finished the champagne til they were done.

    any idea who the photographer was? a LIFE magazine guy, i think.

    - fred nemo (nee scott bullitt)

  2. Jill sent me the pictures. I have no idea who took them, in fact. But they certainly do bring back memories. I guess while George was getting it on upstairs, I was halfway back to Leesburg, wishing I were dead and thinking that any moment I might be.