Saturday, June 18, 2011

James Dickey's 1965 Note to Pitzer College - What's the Moscow Connection?

A bit of a mystery here: Laurie Babcock at Pitzer College keeps finding hitherto unseen records of James Dickey's commencement address there -- the very first -- in June 1965. This good-humored letter confirming the engagement turned up in the back of the first yearbook. Apparently it was sent from Northridge, California, where Dickey lived at the time. So, why are the Moscow addresses for the U.S. Foreign Service and The New York Times at the top of the page? Maybe they started out trying to get a correspondent or a diplomat and were rejected, then found Mr. Dickey. Anyway, we're waiting to hear back from Laurie to see if she has the answer.

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  1. It's a wonderful letter. Bruccoli-Baughman list it (B 6) as in the 1965 Pitzer College Yearbook, but when I find the 1965 Pitzer-Montage online at, it's not there; certainly not p. 71. Did Pitzer have two yearbooks? Or could this be from the 1966 yearbook? And who is Jim sitting with? But great to see this item at last. Ward