Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another blogger discovers the novel "Deliverance"

"... I’ve finally read James Dickey’s (pause for juvenile snickers) classic.
Apparently the flick is the birthplace of the gay fan-base…
The book is an amazing look at American existentialism, before we truly embraced extreme everything.
I closed it with a feeling of loss building in me. We’ve become so desensitized that I’m not sure a man today could be made of stern enough stuff to be broken....


  1. Christopher, I recommend both the book and the movie to my university students all the time. I was talking to a student recently about the movie, in fact, using it to illustrate the modern odyssey: the return portion of the odyssey when Ed nearly breaks down at the table when people are talking of ordinary things. And in Contemporary Poetry I use your father's letters and always, always do a heaping helping of his poems. Amazing writer.

  2. Glad to hear that, Theresa. You might find "Summer of Deliverance" helpful with some students and classes, too. In any case, I look forward to catching up further on Facebook. All the best, Chris

  3. Christopher, I have Summer of Deliverance! I went on a binge about three years ago and bought everything by and about James Dickey that I could find, even some of the out of print essays. I enjoyed Summer a lot. I haven't used it in my Contemporary Poetry class yet, but I think I'll get it out again over break and see what I can do to work it in.

  4. Theresa, I think your students will find "Summer" rewarding. The story of a father and a son, of alienation and reconciliation, is one with which I suspect many can identify. And, without putting too fine a point on it, I think I got much closer to the essence of the man and a real understanding of his work than, say, Henry Hart. All the best, Chris

  5. David Gatch9:14 AM

    Christopher...I am a country lawyer here in Prattville Alabama...a few years ago I checked the audio version of "Summer of
    Deliverance" out of our local library and looked forward to each time I would be traveling from court to court in the circuit while listening to your story...While at Clemson from 1971-75 I remember seeing the movie and reading your Dad's book...I recently found the book about your Dad written by "Henry Hart"...there is a pic of you and your Dad on the set of the movie...looks like we both had more hair back then!

  6. David - Good to hear from you. I might have cause to visit Mongomery in the next few months. If so, I hope we'll have a chance to meet face to face. - All the best, Chris