Monday, December 21, 2009

James Dickey and Typewriters

The L.C. Smith on which Dickey wrote Deliverance
Photographs (c) Christopher Dickey

A James Dickey quote many a writer will relate to, picked up by Scott Myers on his blog
"Go Into The Story":

On writing

"Any time I get a little money that I can spend on myself,
I buy another typewriter and put it in another room and
start another project. It could be a novel, it could be
a poem I'm working on, it could be a translation,
it could be an essay, a literary criticism, it could be
a children's book, it could be a film script and it could be
whatever it is I'm interested in doing at the time.
And in a strange way the different projects kind of
cross-pollinate one another. It's very odd. Almost a
mystical process. You see something in one typewriter
that would be better off in another typewriter."

– James Dickey



  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    That Smith typewriter is in beautiful condition. My work is so futuristic (laser holography) that typing on, and working on typewriters, is like taking a vacation to another place and time.

  2. Now that's one of the very best things about James Dickey, his recognition of the writing process as a mystical process. I've gotten so much strength from his observations and writings through the years. The typewriter story is a classic.