Sunday, December 27, 2009

James Dickey in the Marble Quarry, Robert Penn Warren in Vermont stone, Randall Jarrell moving from Cheer to Joy, from Joy to All

I don't know who "Walter" is, really, apart from the fact that he's created a Web site with the url and has a Maine license plate on his Dodge van that reads DEDGAR. But I like the handful of videos I've watched on his Vimeo channel, . There is something weirdly appealing, both homespun and hi-tech, about the whole notion of seeking out poets' graves and reading their works, then broadcasting on the Web so the whole world can share the experience. I think somebody should read James Dickey's "In the Treehouse at Night" in the graveyard at All Saints Waccamaw. (His epitaph, suggested by William Styron, is from that poem.) But in the meantime, these are four videos Walter posted that I found interesting, and there are dozens more that I have yet to watch. - CD

James Dickey's "In the Marble Quarry" read by Coleman Barks whose friends like buried beneath Georgia marble, with a final sequence showing James Dickey's own gravestone in South Carolina:

"In the Marble Quarry" By James Dickey from Walter on Vimeo.

Walter's Blair Witch visit to the graves of Robert Penn Warren and Eleanor Clark in Vermont in the dead of night is a little silly, and there is no reading, but it is hard to forget:

Cemetery Sleepover With Robert Penn Warren from Walter on Vimeo.

Stuard Dischell reads Randall Jarrell's stunning poem about the banality and tragedy of age, "Next Day," as he stands beside Jarrell's grave in Greensboro, North Carolina.

"Next Day" By Randall Jarrell from Walter on Vimeo.

Walter reads Roethke's "On the Road to Woodlawn" and some of Roethke's favorite lines from Sir Walter Raleigh:

Roethke & Sir Walter Raleigh from Walter on Vimeo.

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