Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Poems 1957-1967" Back in Print

This from David Havird -- and we cannot thank him enough for his efforts:

"Chris, I wish you'd include this link among your "Deep Deliverance" links:
http://www.facebook.com/l/865aa;www.upne.com/0-8195-3073-5.html. It will let readers know that Poems 1957-1967 is back in print. I was after Wesleyan for years to bring it back, and the editor there finally agreed a couple of years ago--by then they had the ability to do small runs. I use it in courses whenever possible. Otherwise, it doesn't seem to get much play--or distribution. For me it's *the* essential book by a post-WWII American poet. BTW, I was a student and later friend of your dad's--I knew your mother well. I think that you and I met only once--when I was by the house in the mid 80s. As I remember, you were rummaging through the garage the whole time I was there. All the best, David"

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